Alderburgh, alternatively Alderburg, is a major city in Paswoera.

Description Edit

Alderburgh is a thriving major city in Paswoera, the eastern continent of the world. It is ruled by Fennoren the Wicked. The city is one of the main sites of the Paswoeran slave trade, especially of orcs. Alderburgh is also host to frequent circuses, the most notable of which being its own Jester's Playground.

The city is located in a dense forest of incredibly thick trees with houses built into the sides of the trees or onto large stilts to prevent flooding. Alderburgh is surrounded by dense jungle and swamps, so its climate is largely humid with a lot of rainfall with occasional flooding.

History Edit

Alderburgh was established in around 50 BC. Being such a major site of the slave trade, it can be assumed that slavery has played a large part in its history and success. Despite its economic success, the city has been prone to many slave outbreaks and revolts.

Inhabitants Edit

Alderburgh is home to approximately 2.5 million people. The majority of its residents are elves and orcs, with most slavers being elves and slaves being orcs. As a result, while its official language is Common, there are also plenty of people who speak Elvish and Orc.

Residents of Alderburgh are called "Paswoeran" after continent.

Locations Edit

Jester's Playground Edit

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Jester's Playground was a circus belonging to Alderburgh, among many others.

Mines Edit

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These unnamed mines are where the slaves are forced to do at least part of their jobs.