Thrax is an NPC in Nick's Campaign. An archpriest of the Yuan-ti, he was seemingly killed during Session 2.

History Edit

Thrax is an archpriest of the Yuan-ti. He was overseeing a sacrificial ritual when he was interrupted by the party, disguised as cultists and Dahlia Rose urging the Archpriest to reschedule the ritual for the winter solstice. Apparently seeing through their ruse, the Archpriest invited the party down to join him.

With that, the entire party jumped in and a large, long battle ensued. Alirion Helder went straight for the Archpriest, and they dueled. Partway, Thrax tossed his staff, revealed to be a Staff of the Python, forward and it transformed into a giant constrictor snake that aided its master. In the end, however, the Archpriest was pushed into the ritual chamber's central chasme and seemingly killed.

Appearance Edit

Thrax is a tall man, either human, yuan-ti pureblood, or some combination. He has slick black hair and a goatee and wore green robes with gold highlights.

Abilities Edit

  • Archpriest of the Yuan ti: Poison immunity, Magic resistance, Spellcasting (innate and divine)
  • Staff of the Python: Tossed forward and its command word spoken, it transforms into a giant constrictor snake, protecting and aiding its master in combat.