Arr-too is a male drow elf and a member of the mercenary group R.O.G.U.E.S. W.I.T.H. A. B.L.O.O.D.Y. M.E.S.S. While he has low physical stats, Arr-too has high mental stats. Arr-too is especially proficient in perception, which he communicates to the party by screeching and banging his head against whatever he is attempting to point out.

History Edit

After his legs were amputated by Pie, the group bought him a mobility apparatus from Georgio Marcano to allow him the ability to move on his own again.

Skills and abilities Edit

  • Perception: Arr-too is extremely proficient in perception, having a +10 bonus to all perception checks.
  • Evocation magic: Being a wizard, Arr-too knows the cantrip Shocking Grasp and can cast Lightning Bolt once a day.

Possessions Edit

  • Mobility apparatus: Arr-too's mobility apparatus is a wheelchair-like machine built by Georgio Marcano. As the name suggests, the machine grants him mobility after his legs were severed by Pie.