Barlow Flourpot was a halfling College of Satire bard and was Gabe's 1st PC for Nick's Campaign. He was killed during Session 2.

History Edit

Background Edit

Barlow grew up in the town of Berrywheel. He spent a lot of time working at his family's bakery, primarily ran by his father Kenrick Flourpot.

One autumn day after witnessing his bakery get overrun by "demon squirrels", Barlow and his favorite customer, the human barbarian Gronk, to obtain enough money for "squirrel repellent". The

(Since halflings are known to enjoy recreational narcotics, it is possible that Barlow hallucinated the entire ordeal involving fiendish squirrels.)

Session 1 Edit

Barlow and Gronk joined up with Alirion Helder, Barlow Flourpot, and Cob and mutually accepted an advertisement on the job board posting in Briskridge. Meeting in The Happy Wyvern tavern with a dwarf named Ivan Blackstone, they agreed to hunt down a pack of orcs that had been terrorizing passersby. While Dahlia and Alirion tracked down the orcs, Barlow and Gronk accompanied Cob as they ran errands around town, Barlow going off on his own and buying bread ingredients from a vendor They eventually caught up with the rogue and warlock and, after much discussion and waiting, decided to use the orc pack's hobgoblin (who Cob magically put to sleep and whose throat was promptly slit by Dahlia) as a puppet, moved around by a Gronk (turned magically invisible by Barlow, who was hiding in a tree) and animated by the mage hands of Alirion and Cob. Dahlia thaumaturgically provided the voice. The plan almost worked and the group quickly defeated the Horde, who included a pair of orc brothers and a goblin.

Returning to Briskridge, the party returned to Blackstone Blunts & Blades, the blacksmith shop owned by Ivan Blackstone. There, they were paid and given their actual task: to locate and return his daughter Rose, who had gone missing the week prior and was likely kidnapped. Accepting the task, the group entered a cave system using the knowledge of Greywald, an old hermit who claimed to see "devilish lizard people". In the caves, they fought off a bugbear and a roper (the latter of which took a bit longer to defeat) before continuing on.

Abilities Edit

  • Halfling: Lucky, Brave, Halfling Nimbleness
    • Lightfoot Halfling: Naturally Stealthy
  • Bard: Spellcasting, Bardic Inspiration, Jack of All Trades, Song of Rest, Expertise
    • Cantrips: Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Vicious Mockery
    • Level 1: Cure Wounds, Sleep
    • Level 2: Knock, Invisibility, Phantasmal Force
  • College of Satire: Thieves' Tools, Tumbling Fool

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