Buck B Bubba is a half-elf warlock of an unspecified subclass and is Sam's character for Meriore's campaign.

Background Edit

Born in the mountains of Astria to two half-elves, Buck lived a relatively luxurious childhood. His father was Varis, one of the elders on the well-respected council, the main form of government there. His mother was Elizira, a skilled hunter with unmatched precision and elegance. When he was about 8 years old, his mother tried to teach him how to hunt the wildlife that lived on the mountain. About halfway through the lesson, Buck saw a cave nearby. Filled with curiosity and wanderlust, he decided to investigate further, only to find the black bear that lived inside. When his mother heard screaming, she ran into the cave and killed the bear, but not before it could rip the boy’s arm off.

His mother brought him to a healer, who although could keep him alive, couldn’t do anything about the missing arm. His mother, in a fit of anger that her only son would never become the hunter she had dreamed of having, put him back in the cave. She told the rest of the village that she lost him while hunting. Without the immediate attention of a healer, he quickly went unconscious. He started having dreams where he was lost among the stars, floating in the ethereal canvas of space. He heard a voice, although not familiar to him, it was comforting. The voice promised to keep him safe from harm and to aid him in his journey. Buck quickly accepted and woke up, warm and healthy. A yellowish, fully functioning arm had replaced the one he had lost to the bear.

Buck decided to leave the cave and began to wander as his only guardians had abandoned him. A few hours later, he stumbled upon a battlefield, littered with corpses. He looked for survivors as he would have felt guilty leaving any potential survivor the same way his mother did to him. There was one “survivor”, a large goliath whose life was slowly withering. Buck ran to him as the goliath died in front of him. While trying to resuscitate him, his arm shined with divine light as the goliath was raised from death. The goliath introduced himself with a bulshit name, so he decided to call him Tim.

They traveled together taking the occasional job here and there, earning money as they traveled.