These caves are a system of monster-infested subterranean caverns and tunnels located near the backwater village of Briskridge. The party was sent to rescue the daughter of Ivan Blackstone, guildmaster of the Briskridge chapter of the Hunters' Guild, and a local hermit named Greywald led them to these caves after the party overheard him yellowing about "devilish lizard people".

Notable locations Edit

  • Bugbear den: There is a den that was inhabited by a bugbear that Gronk fell into. The bugbear was soon killed and its den was looted, the most notable find being a Ring of Protection.
  • Roper cave (bottom left): This cave, located on the bottom left of the map, was filled with water on the ground and home to a roper. The party was caught in a long and frustrating battle with the roper but was eventually killed.
    • Offshoot: The offshoot of the roper cave had a single dilapidated chest that was opened by Barlow's Knock. Inside were a few rusted weapons, a few healing potions, and a crawling claw that tried to scuttle away until Alirion shot it.
  • Middle square area: This middle area had an illusion of a flameskull and four darkmantles.
  • Top left: This area was slightly larger than the roper cave and much more open-spaced, save for a large, raging river. On the other side was a small torchlit room housing a dead kobold who appeared to drink a potion of poison, mistaking it for a potion of healing.
  • Top center: This area had a warning written in Abyssal carved into the top of the wall, directly above a still pool of water above fifteen feet deep. To the right was a small offshoot housing an illusionary wall concealing an entrance to a hallway.
  • Top right and offshoots: The party has yet to enter this area, but an interrogation with a cultist implied that this area housed a few giant spiders.