Chamerion is the capital metropolis of Penkurth.

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Chamerion is the industrial capital city of Penkurth, the central continent of the world. It is led by a Githzerai named Arrak the Astral Baron, who brought order to the city after constant attacks during the Rise of the Dark One plunged it into chaos. It is a unitary republic that is home to approximately 6.5 million people of all races. Imports include stone and gemstone.

The city is located in a terrain filled with plains. As a result, it is ordinarily sunny with cool temperatures.

History Edit

The origin of Chamerion, including who founded it and when it was made, is unknown. It is speculated, however, that Ice Crystal Canyon was founded at around the same time. Whatever its origin, prior to the Rise of the Dark One, Chamerion was a mighty capital city with the largest military in the world. However, constant attacks from fire newts, skeletons, lobster tanks, and gods weakened the city immensely. As these attacks further unbalanced the city, Chamerion was thrown into chaos for an unknown period of time before Arrak the Astral Baron, a githzerai monk, restored order. He eventually became ruler of Chamerion, and thus all of Penkurth, order was restored to most of Chamerion and, over the next century, it was rebuilt to its former glory. The city is currently flourishing in an age of technological and magical innovation under his rule.

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Chamerion was home to over 6.5 million people. Its inhabitants were generally spread evenly among each race. As a result, while its official language is Common, it is home to a large number of other languages.

Residents of Chamerion are called "Penkurthen" after the continent.

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Throne room Edit

The throne room is where Chamerion's ruler would sit on their throne. It was destroyed during the Rise of the Dark One but later rebuilt.

Prison Edit

This prison is where criminals are held. Most of R.O.G.U.E.S. sans Therai Blackbard and None-NaN was arrested and held here. None-Nan unsuccessfully attempted to go into the entrance, but Blackbard snuck in and found the team held in a prison. Fergalicious distracted the guards with the greatest metal acapella of all time, while Blackbard gave the entire team magical amulets that allowed them to pass through the magical cell barriers. After this, the magic of metal music encompassed the guards as they ascended a hole in one side of the prison.

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  1. Chamerion has been around for as long as anyone can remember, so its origins are shrouded in mystery. It is believed that Ice Crystal Canyon was founded at around the same time.