Charmer Rivard is a changeling College of Lore bard and is User:Soybo's PC in Mr. Burke's campaign. He is Dante Rivard's nephew and partner-in-crime and works as a part-time entertainer in their tavern The Raven's Rest.

Background Edit

Charmer was raised by Angelia and Zernon. He does not know why they raised a Changeling as their own. The Rivard Family is a rather old one, going back several centuries, and they have always been a family of crime. Charmer himself is a conman, who works as an entertainer in the Rivard family's tavern The Raven's Rest.

Personality Edit

Despite being a criminal, Charmer prefers to avoid physical fightings as much as possible. He has a hobby of conning others, often using his shapeshifting abilities to fool others. Charmer greatly values his money and is very careful with it.

In crime, he works with his uncle Dante. In most of their criminal activities, Charmer will distract people while Dante does the dirty work. When working alone Charmer prefers to con people into giving him things, such as convincing someone that he is a public official to collect tax money.

Proficiencies Edit

  • Skills: Charmer, true to his name, is a very charismatic person and knows what to do to distract and entice people. He is proficient in deception, insight, intimidation, perception, and performance. Charmer is also rather dexterous, being proficient in acrobatics, sleight of hand, and stealth as well. This combination makes him a very adroit individual.
  • Armor: Charmer is proficient in the use of light armor. His armor class is 15.
  • Weapons: Charmer is proficient in the use of simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, shortswords, and rapiers.
  • Tools: Being a bard, Charmer is proficient in musical instruments, namely the bagpipes, flute, and drum. He is also proficient in disguising himself.

Features and traits Edit

Feats Edit

  • Silver-Tongued: You develop your conversational skill to better deceive others. Your charisma increases by 1 (max 20) and you gain proficiency in deception.
  • When you attack on your turn, you can replace one attack with an attempt to deceive one humanoid you can see within 30 feet of you that can see and hear you. Make a deception check contested by the target's insight check. If you succeed, your movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks from the target and your attack rolls against it have advantage; both benefits last until the end of your next turn or until you use this ability on a different target. If your check fails, the target can't be deceived by you in this way for 1 hour.