Chiric Greenhorn, also known as Checkers, is a kobold Prime Focus warden and is Gabe's player-character for Jake's 3rd Campaign. He is using a homebrew class.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Checkers is a nomad who wanders outside of the barrier, usually only entering inside for supplies and repairs. He occasionally retrieves texts from outside the barrier for the Scholars of the Blacklight and was granted a Green Card for this purpose. Originally trained to fight by his father, Obe, Checkers once came across a druid named Harlag while accompanying a caravan outside the barrier. The meeting between the two awakened Checker’s natural command over nature before a bandit raid destroyed the caravan, killing most of the travelers, including the druid.

Returning to the city, Checkers began to look for a new job. He found one as a member of the city guard but was soon fired as it became apparent that he would let impoverished criminals go. Thus, he earned his namesake from the checkered garb of the guards and his treatment of the position. From his short stint as a guard, Checkers earned the respect of the poor and select members of the guard. This came at a cost as the affluent of the city began to treat him like dirt (though he is tolerated by high-ranking members of the Scholars of the Blacklight for his services).

Before the campaign Edit

During one of Checker's excursions beyond the barrier, he encountered an Aarakocra with a peculiar companion. After a short chat, Checkers learned that the Aarakocra's name was Vibrallef and his shark pup companion was named Tsu and that the Aarakocra's village's population had vanished. He also learned that Vibrallef was in possession of a book. The book piqued Checker's interest as books were not typically found simply lying around outside the barrier, especially literature in such fantastic condition and high quality. It eventually became agreed upon that the three head inside the barrier to present the books to the Scholars of the Blacklight for further investigation.

Personality Edit

Checkers is chaotic good. He hopes to preserve both the wonders of civilization and nature. He has a distaste for the unnatural and unlawful, although he is not above making exceptions. He also very much dislikes machinery. Checkers is also sympathetic to those in need, as evidenced by his unwillingness to arrest criminals in needy positions as a member of the city guard, earning him the respect of the poor but the scorn of the wealthy.

Appearance Edit

Checkers is a kobold, a small reptilian humanoid with distant draconic relations. He is three feet tall and weighs 27 pounds.