Drezvina was an NPC in Nick's Campaign. She was a yuan-ti pureblood whom the party encountered while venturing through the yuan-ti tunnels. With the help of her dragonborn compatriot Skorvanos Dwendarian, she surprise attacked Dahlia Rose when the tiefling rogue entered the room to investigate strange noises. Unfortunately for her, Skorvanos was quickly charmed by the party and tried to mediate, even restraining Drezvina in the process. Seeing through the party's deception (they were dressed like yuan-ti cultists, she refused to listen to Skorvanos's plea and was quickly killed, but not before she could mutter an incantation in Abyssal that sent the party's guide into a convulsive frenzy that turned him into a wererat.

Appearance Edit

Drezvina looked like most purebloods. She had black hair, gold serpentine eyes, and thin features with slightly scaled skin throughout her body. She was dressed in purple clothing with gold highlights.

Abilities Edit

  • Senses: Darkvision.
  • Resistances & Immunities: Drezvina, like all yuan-ti, are immune to poison and have limited resistance against magical effects.
  • Innate Spellcasting: Drezvina, like all yuan-ti, can innately cast Animal friendship on snakes at will, and can cast Poison spray and Suggestion thrice a day each.