The electrostaff is a rare magic item constructed of a strong metallic alloy with a magical sapphire on both ends. Resembling quarterstaffs and mechanically functioning as such, they are typically used in interrogations and torture and have the capacity to knock small, medium, and large creatures prone.

Description Edit

Electrostaffs function very similarly to quarterstaffs. They are versatile, meaning they are more effective if wielded with two hands. Should the electrostaff hit a target, the magical properties of the sapphires on the ends of the staff are activated and send a jolt of electricity into the target, dealing extra lightning damage. Electrostaffs do not require attunement, but those who attune to an electrostaff have the option to, after hitting a target with the weapon, force said target to make a Constitution saving throw or fall prone.

Large targets and targets resistant to lightning are less likely to fall prone, while Huge and larger targets as well as those immune to lightning damage are unaffected. Targets with vulnerability to lightning have disadvantage.

In terms of D&D mechanics, electrostaffs have seven charges that can be used to force the Constitution saving throw, regaining all on a new day. Charges can also be regained by scoring critical hits with the weapon.

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Trivia Edit

  • The electrostaff is based directly on the electrostaff from Star Wars.