Eziral is a tiefling Oath of Vengeance paladin and is User:Soybo's PC for Logan's campaign.

Backstory *Note, the following may or may not be accurate* Edit

Eziral has always been great at talking, at age 5 he even managed to convert all 3,064 members of the village away from their cult of Ball, and into worshipping Leira, the goddess of illusions. Ever since then, he has been her favored champion as well as her best missionary. Eziral grew up in a family of sixteen, in happy halfing family with the family business of hired mercenary. Unfortunately, they all were rather weak and sickly due to their genetics, and so all of his family, aside from one of his brothers, died. He traveled with his last brother for many months protecting him, until he was eaten by a dinosaur. It was then that he swore an oath of vengeance against all animals and promised not to rest until they all DIED.