Goron Skuljak is an NPC in Nick's Campaign. He is a goliath Champion fighter who was found by the party, imprisoned in an underground dungeon in some Yuan-ti tunnels.

History Edit

According to Goron, he came from a family herd of Goliaths that resided in a treacherous mountain range. His herd was attacked by an undead army led by a necromancer for reasons unknown, but they escaped when Goron's father sacrificed himself, but not before Goron inherited the Frostaxe.

Upon seeing the party, Goron warned them of what was to come and what. Agreeing that he was a potential ally, the party freed him and told him go stay there and pretend to still be imprisoned (to avoid suspicion), but to come and assist them if he heard any commotion. Goron soon did hear commotion, and rushed to assist the party in their fight against a Yuan-ti pureblood named Drezvina and a dragonborn named Skorvanos Dwendarian.

Goron also aided the party in their fight against a large number of Yuan-ti cultists. He started by jumping off the balcony and mowing the cultists in the back with his Frostaxe. The fight started going south when the archpriest's giant constrictor snake killed Barlow and Dahlia fell unconscious. Goron carried Dahlia's unconscious body out and gave the rogue a healing potion, reviving her.

On their way out of the caverns, Goron and Alirion made a deal (may or may not under the influence of Cob's Suggestion) that involved Goron's Frostaxe for a favor. Having gone through much in the past week, Dahlia decides that her own path lies elsewhere and joins Goron, who bade farewell to the party after exiting the caves near Briskridge.

Appearance Edit

Goron, like any goliath, was tall, bald, and had a large bulk with tattoos covering his head, chest, and arms. He has leather armor mixed with parts of hide.

Abilities Edit

  • Goliath: Natural Athlete, Stone's Endurance, Powerful Build, Mountain Born
  • Fighter: Defensive fighting style, Action Surge, Extra Attack, Indomitable
  • Champion: Improved Critical, Remarkable Athlete
  • Frostaxe: Goron's "Frostaxe" is a magical greataxe gifted to him by his father. On a hit, the Frostaxe does extra cold damage.