Player Character Race Class Align. Group
Andrew Sheshmagsh Dragonborn Rogue (Thief) CE 2
Bayley Killin/Pickle/Vegetable Human Monk (Way of the Sun Soul) Yes Both
Chris Torment Horacer Tiefling Sorcerer (Wild Magic) CG 1
Gabe Chiric "Checkers" Greenhorn Kobold Warden (Prime Focus) CG 1
Dungeon Master
John Svarll and Placeholder Name Dragonborn Dragon Knight (Rider Practice) CE 2
Kaleb Vibrallef & Tsu Aarakocra Soul Binder (Bond of the Wild) CG 1
Logan Virgil & Chadthulu Kobold Soul Binder (Bond of the Unknown) NE 1
Michael Otravok Vedalken Druid (Circle of the Moon) CE 2
Nick Dane Trickfoot Gnome Rogue (Arcane Trickster) TN 1
Soybo Gratis Clypeus Unchained Protector (Philosophy of the Shield) NG 1
Shawn Twig Ashenspawn Sorcerer (Wild Magic) CE 2
Jake's 3rd Campaign is the third D&D campaign DM'd by Jake. It was announced in early October and the campaign doc was posted on Discord right after the finale for his previous campaign. Currently, all the players are split into two groups: a good-aligned party and an evil-aligned party.

Setting Edit

The campaign is set in a world of Tiburisk with nine main guilds, each with higher-ranking members with godlike power. Each of the guilds were founded long ago by powerful beings known as the "Heralds of the New Dawn". Velereg, the main landmass of these guilds, is surrounded by a large and powerful magical barrier designed to keep monstrous threats outside. The guilds include:

Pantheon Edit

Gods are believed to exist, however, many are skeptical of their existence. Still, many believe and show their worship in a variety of different ways.

Name Race Domain(s) Status
Anrana Halfling Goddess of Magic Alive
Athearshivi Fey Dragon Deity of Life Alive
Aurixdaar Gold Dragon Deity of Honor Alive
Caluseth Dragonborn God of Creation Alive
Dain Changeling God(dess) of Life Alive
Flame of War Tabaxi God of War Old/Dead
Golomov Loxodon Goddess of Law and Judgement Alive
Hakkor Human God of Destruction Alive
Heixidor Wood elf God of Chaos and Freedom Alive
Iejirvivex Shadow Dragon Deity of Death Alive
Klelaf Aarakocra God of Weapons Alive
Lucinor Celestial Deity of Purity Alive
Malsvirriyit Green Dragon Deity of Trickery Alive
Norsko Orc Goddess of Peace Alive
Oknir Tortle God of Nature Alive
Siena High elf Goddess of Knowledge Alive
Sinclair Firbolg God of Death Alive
Ward Warforged God of Civilization Alive
Zacria Tiefling Goddess of Lies Old/Dead
Ziraela Half-elf Goddess of War Alive
Zirremin Devil Deity of Corruption Alive

Sessions Edit

Goodboy Group Edit

Number Session Date
1 Session 1: New Allies November 8, 2018
Insert Session 1 description here
2 Session 2: Strange Circumstances December 8, 2018
Insert Session 2 description here
3 Session 3 December ?, 2018
Insert Session 3 description here

Ginyu Force Edit

Number Session Date
1 Session 1: The Cut 'n' Flush November 18, 2018
The party starts off in a cave inside the barrier. They introduce themselves to each other and almost immediately get destroyed by a flail snail. The party manages to defeat it with only a few broken bones afterwards and heads to the nearest city, meeting a mysterious kenku along the way named Screamer (who is later renamed Gaymour). A local doctor patches up Twig before getting decked by the party and cut to pieces before being flushed. Svarll went to check out the local blacksmith who sent him out to get his medication from the doctor. The party found his depression pills, poisoned it, and the blacksmith overdosed before being cut to pieces and flushed as well. The party then looks through his room and find a gun underneath his pillow. Afterwards, the party heads to the herbalist, buys excessive amount of weed, and fucking decks the herbalist as well (cutting him to pieces and being flushed as per usual). As they head back to the doctor's facilities, they notice hobgoblins and a drow trying to arrest them. Wild magic happens and the drow thinks he is a prisoner and tries to escape as all of the hobgoblins die quickly and painfully. Otravok then proceeds to eat the entire town. Afterwards, they later come across a bugbear working on a farm who they kill almost immediately. Inside his house was the page of endless corn which confused Svarll greatly. Later, they came across a group of bandits who they absolutely demolished (except for Soybo's character, Septimus, who got immediately flanked and stabbed repeatedly). To see what would happen to the bandit captain they left alive, they activated wild magic on him which caused a group of kobolds to come out of a nearby cave and establish trade with the party, providing services like food, armor, medicine, and a magic item named Ravenshadow.
2 Session 2: The Wild, Wild Road December 2, 2018
The party is making their way to a nearby town, but not before they are stopped by some odd creatures. Starting off on their journey, Otravok gets mind controlled by a Master of Cruelties from the trees who then turns into a bear and knocks out Twig. A few rounds into the fight after everyone starts stabbing each other due to the Master of Cruelties' aura of hate activates on them, Gaymour communicates with the creatures telepathically (the MoC didn't speak common, only undercommon and telepathy) who responds with his intention to stab the party. Twig communicated with the creature through Gaymour telepathy to try and convince him to join the party, but he responds only with, "Awfully bold of you to say for someone within stabbing range!". Otravok, avoiding the MoC's aura, strikes the final blow against him, swallowing his head, but not before the MoC stabbed Svarll's eye out, almost killing him, and knocking out his dragon. They come across a Valkyrie later (who wasn't the Bear King due to Twig and Gaymour's luck talents) who tries to kill the party because "they killed so many people". Her tactics were to fly down, hit someone with a few attacks, and fly back out of range, but the party realized something. If they grabbed onto Otravok while he was in his bear form, he could jump up into melee range with the Valkyrie. With Twig underneath the bear and everyone else on top of the bear, he leaps into the sky as the Sorcerer sends a firebolt from underneath and they prepare to kill her. Gaymour and Svarll leap from off Otravok's back straight towards the Valkyrie and grappling her. Without the use of her wings, she quickly plummets with incredible speed as he head practically explodes from hitting the ground. Lastly, right before they make it to the town, an invisible Ghostwalk Spider who starts picking off the party, restraining and turning them invisible with its webs. Many rounds go around before the party starts to get desperate and starts praying to the god of wild magic. Seeing this happen, the spider tries to pray to the god as well, but gets the ability to turn half his body invisible at will. When he tries to turn the half of his body that is visible invisible, it reveals the other half, giving the party the chance to strike. Svarll immediately chops off his legs, the spider falls over, and the party kills it, leveling up.
3 Session 3: Shimmerkeep December 16, 2018
Having just got to the town, the party goes shopping, buying equipment and minor trinkets like Cloaks of Billowing, Clockwork Amulets, Pipe of Smoke Monsters, Mystery Keys, Ruby of the War Mage, Ersatz Eye, and the Wand of Smiles. They soon learn that there is a martial arts tournament being held in the town. The party enters the arena one by one to fight Kradrog, the Dragon Puncher. Vegetable gets a few punches in, but gets knocked out in the second round, giving Kradrog the title of Monk Puncher. Svarll joins in soon after, tries to grapple him, and gets stunned. Before the hobgoblin can knock him out, Sheshmagsh throws him a chair, giving Svarll the opportunity to oddly knock himself out with it, giving Kradrog the title of Chair Suicide Enthusiast. Septimus, seeing this as an opportunity to show himself off, joins in to fight him. He gets a few good hits on him, but Kradrog knocks him out, giving Kradrog the title of Snake Puncher. Gaymour then gets sent in by Twig, but immediately gets knocked out, giving Kradrog the title of Bird Puncher. The party, tired of fighting Kradrog, the Dragon puncher, Monk puncher, Bird puncher, Snake puncher, and Chair Suicide Enthusiast, decides to hold an exhibition match between Vegetable and Svarll. Seeing the betting rate on Svarll, the dragonborn who literally couldn't hit Kradrog, the party bets most of their money on him and telling Vegetable to take a fall. The round starts with John getting immediately decked and very wounded. Svarll, being the absolute legend he is, misses almost all of his attacks, leaving Vegetable with a dilemma. He couldn't fake the fight because his charisma was too low, but he couldn't win otherwise the party would lose their money. Quickly, he came up with a plan. He pulled out a few syringes, a few empty and one filled with ettin eye fluid, and starts going to town on Svarll. He tries to inject the eye fluid in Svarll's magic eye.