Player Character Race Class
Adriana Unknown ? ?
Bayley Pie Dragonborn Paladin (Oath of Conquest)
Jim Averageson Human Commoner
Beck Cute Little Dragon Kobold Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline)
Gabe Beens Orc Fighter (Brute)
Dungeon Master
John Fergalicious Changeling Rogue (Swashbuckler)
Josh Nalla Thuliaga Goliath Gunslinger (Virtuoso)
Logan None-NaN Warforged Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Matthew GNOME^3 Gnome Rogue (Inquisitive)
Michael BERt HrrslS... Goliath Barbarian (Path of the Zealot)
Nick Therai Blackbard Tiefling Bard (College of Whispers)
Rogue (Assassin)
Soybo The Master Wight Necromancer (Creed of the Departed)
General Gyrate Animated Armor Barbarian (Path of the Sith)
Sam Buck B Bubba Half-elf Warlock (Pact of the Celestial)
Shawn Venarius Shifter Rogue (Assassin)
Tiernan Khirrihk  ?  ?

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