Lilith Rivard (b. 96 BS1) is a female tiefling Way of the Sword monk. She is the husband of Thyreus Rivard, the mother of Murphy Rivard, User:Meriore's PC Dante Rivard, and Zernon Rivard, and the adoptive paternal grandmother of User:Soybo's PC Charmer Rivard.

History Edit

Lilith Rivard was born in 96 BS1 in Aquarius-9. At some point, she met and married another tiefling named Thyreus and had three sons: Murphy Rivard in 62 BS1, Dante in 60 BS1, and Zernon Rivard in 55 BS1. She trained in the elegant monk swordfighting style called the "Way of the Sword", something she would later pass along to her son.

Appearance Edit

Lilith is a tall, slim tiefling standing at 6'0" (or 1.83 meters) tall and weighed 140 pounds (or 63.5 kilograms). She has rather light skin for a tiefling, in addition to two horns protruding from her temples. Lilith has gold eyes and has what appears to be a tattoo above her right eye.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Darkvision: Being a tiefling, Lilith has natural darkvision, meaning that he can see shades of grey in dim light within sixty feet and in darkness as if it were dim light.
  • Hellish Resistance: Being a tiefling, Lilith is resistant to fire damage.
  • Magic: As a civilian of Aquarius-9, Lilith has had at least basic training in magic. Being in a magically proficient family, however, it is likely that she is more experienced than that.
  • Unarmored Defense, Martial Arts, Ki, Unarmored Movement, and Deflect Missiles: Being skilled in the use of the Way of the Sword, Lilith is at least a level three monk, and thus has the aforementioned abilities.
  • Way of the Sword: Lilith is skilled in the Way of the Sword fighting style, which requires "relentless" training. Her sword is essentially an extension of her body. All features of this subclass can be found here.