Mandralfian Theodore Octavius Giovanni Leonardo Abraham Sylvester Delaware von Robinstein, more commonly known as Mandalf the Aficionado or just Mandalf (manly + Gandalf), is a high sun elf Champion fighter and wizard and is User:HookyDooks's player-character for Logan's TTS campaign.

Backstory Edit

What he tells others Edit

Born in the generous kingdom of Greywell, Mandalf comes from a family of similarly “proud-to-be-buff” types. Throughout his life, he has loved the thrill of fighting and competition. As a teenager, he would often sneak out and participate in underground fighting matches. Growing up, he put his skills to good use and became a part-time member of the Greywell's military and helped around his family's blacksmith company. However, during an economic recession, his family was short on money; while they were making enough to get by, they needed a way to expand the business. Mandalf decided to enter a contest in which the winner would become the official apprentice of an unknown wizard. He won and trained hard, and learned enough to greatly help his family's company. Eventually, Greywell's economy was back in full force after helping their neighboring kingdom Daile fight off common enemy kingdom Nalstadt. However, only a few months later, Greywell was attacked by a large militia of orc refugees from what was left of Nalstadt who called themselves the Guild. Instead of seeking revenge against the proven-to-be-superior Daile, the Guild decided to try their luck against the apparently weaker Greywell. Journeying home to help fend off the attack, it was here that Mandalf discovered just how much the thrill of battle made him happy. After the fight was over, Mandalf set off to become the world's greatest fighter. During his travels, he moved from one city to another, landing a number of odd jobs, the most frequent of which include metalworking and muscle-for-hire. Mandalf rarely stays in one place for very long, prefering to keep moving in his quest to be the world's strongest champion.

Parts of the above that are actually true Edit

  • Mandalf was born in the kingdom of Greywell.
  • His family runs a blacksmith shop, where he learned how to blacksmith.
  • He apprenticed himself to become a wizard.
  • He participated in underground fighting matches; however, he greatly exaggerates his victories.
  • Mandalf was a part of Greywell's military, before being dishonorably discharged.
  • Mandalf wants to become the "world's greatest fighter".

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