Mhurkos the Hunter is a half-orc rogue, he does not know his father, but his mother is Shautha, a female orc.

Background Edit

Mhurkos was the result of an one-night-stand between an unknown human father and Shautha, a female orc. For reasons unknown to him, he was hidden from the world, forbidden from leaving. After years of being forced into solitude, he ran from his mother, taking only his clothes and a flintlock pistol.

He got a job about a week later, mostly performing menial tasks like lifting or sweeping to make a living. A few years later, while sweeping the floors of a tavern, a thief entered the vicinity, brandishing a knife, and approached him. Cornered with nowhere left to run, he fought back. The intruder slashed at him repeatedly, leaving scars across his chest and face. Mhurkos drew his pistol and fired straight into his heart, watching the life drain from his eyes as his body collapsed to the floor. He had killed his first man.

After the police arrived at the scene, to his confusion, he was rewarded with gold. He learned that the thief was a notorious criminal with a bounty on his head. With this newly acquired blood money, he was able to buy money, new clothes, ammunition, a place to live, pretty much anything he desired. Realizing he could make much more money, he became a bounty hunter.

Since then, he has hunted down a few more criminals and collected their bounty, although not being much, was more than what he would earn back at the tavern. He later starting taking jobs from law enforcement, but also various contractors in the criminal underworld. Being down there a lot, he frequently visited a tavern called, “The Raven's Rest ”.