Nalla Thuliaga, also known by the name Wildwalker, is a Goliath Gunslinger and the daughter of Maulok "Bearpuncher" Thuliaga. She is User:Josh Torgerson's PC for Jake's campaign.

Backstory Edit

Born in the harsh mountains of Astria, Nalla was tempered by the cold climates and countless predators that lived on the mountain. She was born to Maulok “Bearpuncher” Thuliaga (her father) who was an expert in martial arts on the mountain, training to reach physical and mental perfection and Kirea “Thunderbreaker” Thuliaga, a fearless warrior whos battle cry could pierce the clouds. From an early age, it was clear that she was destined to become a hunter.

As she grew up, her skills as a marksman was unparalleled among the tribesmen. She was well respected and well liked by most of the tribe. However, she started to care more for living with the wildlife, spending time with the wolves and tigers. The tribe learned of these habits and tried to persuade her to hunt. When she refused, they casted her out, giving her a few weapons and forcing her to leave her family and clan.

She quickly grew fond of travelling, going from place to place, experiencing the world beyond the mountains. Because of her skills with a weapon, she took up jobs as a bodyguard and caravan specialist. Not only was she good at it, she enjoyed it immensely. She enjoyed the freedom of adventuring, the wind rushing through her hair and a smile on her face, she has travelled across most of the known world, making friends (mostly animals) along the way. Living this way was all she has wanted in life and intends on continuing this occupation as long as she can.