Player Character Race Class AL
Gabe Yuri Tortle Druid (Circle of the Moon) TN
Jake Alirion Helder Human Warlock (Pact of the Blade/Wild Huntsman) NG
John Gronk Human Barbarian (Path of the Storm Herald) LG
Dungeon Master
Shawn Cob Cornhall Gnome Wizard (School of Evocation) CN
Rowan Sir Bones Skeleton Wizard (School of Necromancy) TN
Player Prev. Character Race Class AL Notes
Gabe Barlow Flourpot Halfling Bard (College of Satire) LG Killed during the cultist battle (S2)
Rowan Dahlia Rose Tiefling Rogue (Swashbuckler) TN Left the party over disagreements (S3)

Setting Edit

This campaign is set in the world of Ja'tovia, starting in the backwater village of Briskridge, in the year 4,950 PC, or "Post-Creation". This campaign is using the Dawn War pantheon, with a few deities from Forgotten Realms mixed in. Known settlements include Berrywheel, Briskridge, Cylon, Grayadder, Palperroth, Solaris, and Verate. The party started at level 3.

Pantheon Edit

  • Avandra (CG) is the goddess of change, luck, trade, and travel. Also known as the Mistress of Fortune or Lady of Luck, she is worshiped by halflings, merchants, and those who seek good fortune in their lives.
  • Bahamut (LG) is the god of justice and nobility. Also known as the Platinum Dragon or Lord of the North Wind, he is worshiped by metallic dragons, dragonborn, and those who seek justice for themselves and others.
  • Corellon (NG) is the god of magic and art, as well as the patron god of elves. Also known as the Archeart or the Feyfather, he is worshiped by elves, centaurs, and bards.
  • Moradin (LG) is the god of creation and the chief deity of dwarves. Also known as the Forge Defender and the Hammer of the Gods, he is worshiped by dwarves, blacksmiths, and artificers.
  • Pelor (NG) is the god of the sun, agriculture, and strength. Also known as the Dawnfather, he is worshiped primarily by humans.
  • Sehanine (CG) is the goddess of the moon, dreams, and divination. Also known as the Moonweaver or the Luminous Seer, she is worshiped by elves (especially moon elves), halflings, and diviners.
  • Erathis (LN) is the goddess of law and civilization. Also called the Lawbearer, the Civil Divinity, and the Hand of Judgement, she is worshiped by judges, rulers, pioneers, and minotaurs.
  • Ioun (NN) is the goddess of knowledge and skill. Also called Lady Arcanum, her formal title being the Keeper of Knowledge and Guardian of Truth, she is worshiped by bards, sages, seers, scholars, wizards, and tacticians.
  • Kord (CN) is the god of strength and storms. Also called the Stormlord, he is worshiped by soldiers, athletes, champions, and goliaths.
  • Melora (NN) is the goddess of wilderness and the seas. Also called the Wildmother, she is worshiped by fey, halflings, rangers, druids, and sailors.
  • The Raven Queen (LN) is the goddess of death. Her followers aren't numerous and can be described as those who accept death and destiny for what they are, and most who hate or fear her do so out of a lack of understanding.
  • Asmodeus (LE) is the god of tyranny and Lord of the Nine Hells. Also called the Enduring Fiend, he is worshiped by nearly all devils.
  • Bane (LE) is the god of war and conquest. Also called the Conquerer and the Black Fist, he is worshiped by dictators, conquerers, warlords, and goblinoids.
  • Gruumsh (CE) is the god of destruction and the patron god of orcs. Also called the Ruiner and the Raging Wrath, he is worshiped almost exclusively by orcs, though not all orcs worship him.
  • Lolth (CE) is the goddess of shadows, deceit, and spiders, as well as the patron god of the drow. Also called the Spider Queen, she is worshiped by drow and arachnoids.
  • Tharizdun (CE) is the god of chaos, madness, and trickery. Also known as the Mad King and the Chained Oblivion, he is worshiped almost exclusively by cultists.
  • Tiamat (LE) is the goddess of greed and envy. Also called the Scaled Tyrant or Chromatic Tyrant, she is worshiped by chromatic dragons, kobolds, and lizardfolk.
  • Torog (NE) is the god of torture, slavery, and the Underdark. Also called the Crawling King (and various names in Underdark languages), he is worshiped by slavers, torturers, and various creatures of the Underdark.
  • Vecna (NE) is the god of whispers and secrets. Also called the Whispered One, he is worshiped almost exclusively by cultists.
  • Zehir (NE) is the god of poison and darkness, as well as the patron god of the Yuan-ti. Also called the Serpent Lord, he is worshiped almost exclusively by cultists and the Yuan-ti.

Sessions Edit

Number Session Date Level
1 Session 1: Starting Shots August 19, 2018 3-4
In Briskridge, the party meets for the first time and is sent on a mission to rescue the daughter of Ivan Blackstone, who had apparently been kidnapped and dragged to a nearby monster-infested cave system. Hiring a local hermit to guide them, the party ventures to these caves and fight their way through.
2 Session 2: What Lies Beneath October 12, 2018 4
The party continues their cave crawl, eventually entering a series of underground tunnels via teleportation circle. They quickly discover the tunnels belong to the Yuan-ti, and interrupt a large cultist group's sacrificial ritual. A long and epic battle ensues, at the cost of the life one of the party members.
3 Session 3: Disheartened November 10, 2018 5
After the battle, the party wakes up after apparently being knocked out to see the corpses of the cultists turned into smoke, congregating into the cobra statue. Finding not any sign of Rose Blackstone, Cob recruits Chef Drak into the party and, finding another Scroll of Teleportation, set back on their way to Briskridge, but not without some inter-party conflict first.
4 Session 4: Secrets Revealed November 23, 2018 5
After a brief bar brawl that introduces the remaining Revengers to Sir Bones and Yuri, the party finds themselves running around in circles as a suspiciously-acting Ivan sends them back to the caves and tunnels to search for any sign of his daughter. The party's mission is revealed to be nothing more than a wild goose chase as Ivan reveals himself to be a gang of doppelgangers. After the fight, they meet the real Ivan Blackstone, albeit beaten and tortured.
5 Session 5: Inbound December 22, 2018 5
After a bit of searching and tracking what would otherwise seem like a feral creature, the party finds Alirion unconscious in the woods. Returning to town, they are told by Ivan how he was trapped in his own home by the doppelgangers, one of which survived the previous night's ordeal and interrogated, finding out that someone under the title of the "Pit Master" was essentially pulling the strings in town. After taking care of some personal business around town, the party agrees to assist Ivan in driving out the remaining Yuan-ti.
6 Session 6: The Town Hall January 4, 2019 5
Sneaking into the town hall, the party finds themselves against a seemingly endless array of guards and cultists. Befriending a flying snake and a set of animated armor, the party slowly kills off each of the guards in the top floor, and find even more cultists and cult fanatics, as well as a mysterious Kensei who seems to have some sort of authority over them.
7 Session 7: The Pit Master January 20, 2019 5
Continuing on in the town hall of Briskridge, the party, assisted by the chef and the blacksmith, fight off more of the sellswords (as well as two bugbear brutes) and find what they had been hired to protect. Descending down a staircase into a previously unknown floor, the party finds themselves face-to-face with this Pit Master, who is reading something from a tome, and the Kensei. A long fight ensues, with the Pit Master releasing a pack of feral wererats from nearby cages and nearly managing to escape, but the party manages to slay them both as they gather and burn the bodies and contemplate their next move.
8 Session 8: The Oak Road February 1, 2019 6
Persuading the rest of the sellswords and thugs to disperse, the party finishes off the rest of the repertible cult leaders. During the fight, one of them mentions a few towns known to the party members, including Berrywheel, home of Gronk, Cob, and their deceased friend Barlow. Bidding farewell to Ivan, the party leaves for Berrywheel the very next day, but they quickly find that the week-long trip there will not be an easy one.
9 Session 9: Aggressive Negotiations February 17, 2019 6
Continuing along the Oak Road to Berrywheel, the party fights off more threats in the form of a couple of hill giants and a scouting party affiliated with the Iron Raiders. They make their way to and through the Brudemire, a large swamp that the party finds to be inhabited by a tribe of bullywug called the Grenoui. After an initially hostile meeting, the Grenoui invite the party to their home once one of their druids recognizes Yuri.
See Nick's Campaign/Synopsis for a detailed synopsis of Sessions 1 & 2. I meant to update it after each session in just as much detail but never got around to it, so I moved it to a different page so it doesn't look so out of place.