None-NaN is The Log's character. He is a warforged sorcerer who was created by "The Master".

Backstory Edit

The only memory None-NaN has after being abandoned following a long forgotten war is that of encountering two travelers from another time and place. They seemed to be lost and the older one explained that they had gone to the correct time but the incorrect place. In order to correct this the man needed some extra hard drive space to store the output of a complex calculation and in order to obtain this he used a device belonging to the boy. Unfortunately the boy had filled the device with torrented videos, primarily anime. Not wanting to lose these the boy noticed the head of None-NaN sticking out of the floor and decided overwriting his memories with the videos for later retrieval was his best course of action. As such None-NaN is now otaku trash who has forgotten the surface even exists and just sits in the ground all day watching shitty harem anime and generally being unproductive.