Rivard is the surname of a family of Tieflings who lived in the underwater metropolis of Aquarius-9. Just about every member of the family is a criminal in some way, (aside from Chad Rivard) which often brings them into trouble with the law. The Rivards were also typically expert swordfighters and magic-users.

History Edit

The oldest specified members of the Rivard family were Thyreus and Lilith Rivard, two lower-class Tieflings who lived in Aquarius-9. They have three sons: Murphy (b. 62 BS1), Dante (b. 60 BS1), and Zernon (b. 55 BS1). At some point, Murphy and Zernon were caught attempting to steal ice cream from an ice cream store. Dante, mistreated at school, was taught the Way of the Sword fighting style and how to manipulate the Weave by his parents; it is very likely that the other brothers know at least basic magic, due to its generality in Aquarius-9. Zernon married a woman named Angelia and adopted a changeling who took on the name Charmer; eventually, they had a child named Chad. Dante spent a lot of time with his younger brother and his family, eventually learning that Charmer was not an actual tiefling. Later on, most of the Rivard family was caught by the authorities for their criminal activity, but Charmer managed to charismatize his way out of jail and Dante had the luck of not being present during the arrest. After this, Dante and Charmer decided to team up in their criminal endeavors and became con men. The opened up a tavern called The Raven's Rest, which they used as a front for their family business.

Family tree Edit

Thyreus Rivard
Lilith Rivard
Murphy Rivard
Dante Rivard
Zernon Rivard
Angelia Rivard
Charmer Rivard
Chad Rivard

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