Skorvanos Dwendarian is an NPC in Nick's Campaign. He is a red dragonborn who allied with the Yuan-ti and aided Archpriest Thrax in their efforts and experiments.

Skorvanos and a Yuan-ti pureblood named Drezvina surprised attacked the party while the party was venturing through the Yuan-ti tunnels. Skorvanos first ambushed Dahlia Rose with an electrostaff. During the ensuing fight, however, the dragonborn was charmed by one of the party's magic-users and promptly tried to mediate, even restraining the still-fighting Drezvina. Skorvanos tried to reason with her, under the impression that the party (dressed like Yuan-ti cultists) were allies and they were mistaken, to no avail.

Unbeknownst to the party, after they killed Drezvina, Skorvanos' charming effect ended. He made his escape, and the only glimpse the party, specifically Barlow, saw of him was his red tail zipping around a corner at the far end of the next turn of the hallway.

Appearance Edit

Skorvanos was a large red dragonborn with gold reptilian eyes. He didn't wear anything from the waist up and had black pants, likely to prevent any clothing from hindering his movement.

Abilities Edit

  • Fire Breath: Skorvanos can unleash a torrent of fire from his throat in a fifteen-foot cone, burning anything in his path. This can only be occasionally done as it needs to essentially recharge.

Trivia Edit