"The Horde" was the self-given name of a band of orc brothers named Durgash and Voltag, a goblin named Krang, and led by a hobgoblin named Torkang. They were known to raid merchants and travellers who travelled along the roads leading in and out of Briskridge.

History Edit

The Horde was the target of a test task assigned by Ivan Blackstone to a group of five adventurers to prove they were up to a more difficult task. Tracked down by Dahlia Rose and Alirion Helder, the Horde returned to their campsite and started a fire, unaware of the group of five nearby. Torkang, however, had noticed something was off as he scouted ahead, but was immediately detected by Cob and was magically put to sleep and killed by the party. Torkang's neck was wrapped in a scarf to conceal the slash wound on his neck, propped up by an invisible Gronk, animated by the mage hands of Alirion and Cob, and thaumaturgically voiced by Dahlia, who yelled to the orcs that he would keep watch.

The five managed to fool the orcs and goblin for a small amount of time before revealing their presence, effectively ambushing them before the remaining Horde could do anything:

  • Durgash was killed by Gronk, who plunged a longsword into his chest.
  • Krang was incinerated by Cob's Scorching Ray.
  • Voltag was weakened by a thrown dagger from Dahlia and finished off by Cob's Scorching Ray.

Members Edit

Torkang Edit

Torkang was the Horde's silent, self-appointed leader. He was a hobgoblin and wielded a longsword and shield and would occasionally scout ahead of the group if he noticed anything that seemed off.

Durgash Edit

Durgash was the older of the orc brothers and the more malevolent of the two, taking pride in harming others. He had a necklace of teeth that was looted by Cob, who claimed it as his own prize.

Voltag Edit

Voltag was the younger of the orc brothers and the more gleeful of the two, taking absolute delight in combat.

Krang Edit

Krang was a goblin that was only part of the group for protection. Given the chance, he would have abandoned the other three if it meant living another day. He was not given such a chance as the Horde was ambushed by the party before any of them could meaningfully react.