"The Master" (original name unknown) is a wight necromancer played by User:Soybo for Jake's campaign. He is the creator of None-NaN and Prototype, both of which are warforged.

Backstory Edit

The Master has long forgotten his name, his family, and most of his living life, what he does remember is this 1) He was one of the creators for several thousand warforged ~3000 years ago, the first of which is named Prototype. 2) He (and seven others) was the leader of a country which has long been forgotten, but in his time it nearly ruled the world, only the Tree Empire opposed them 3) He was assassinated by the Tree Empire when he was 382, as he died in a cave.

Unfulfilled, he grew furious. He rose back as a wight, with a mindless rage and killed all of the other creators. After he sustained his bloodlust, he realized he was trapped, stuck in a enclosed room with nothing but books. Getting bored, he read some of the books. They were rituals of the dark arts, magic of the damned. He studied them as much as he could with what little resources he had and in 0ADO he was freed as a Wight. Now "The Master", having even forgotten how to create warforged,  has gained the abilities as a Necromancer. Recently, a group of miners started to clear out the cave. He was free of this torturous stone prison. He escaped and researched the dark arts further. Rumors of rogue robots came to his attention recently and swore to destroy them, especially Prototype, who failed the 6th rule, and now he seeks rule to material plain. However, one of his creations, None-NaN, he has spared, and so None-NaN follows him.

Personality Edit

The Master feels he should rule the entire materiel plain, and acts thus. He also refuses to attack anything physically, if he is requested to do so he will instead use the chill touch cantrip.

Session History Edit

After being freed from Drow captors, he and the others who were captured went to the nearest town. In this town they did quite a few things, including kidnapping the son of a magic shop and attempting to blackmail him (This plan failed). Eventually they went to a different town, in which they managed to obtain a deck of many things, when The Master drew from it an avatar of death appeared. Being a necromancer The Master was basically powerless against it and died for a second time, fortunately for him one of his allies resurrected him and so he continues on his quest of world dominance.

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