Torment Horacer is a tiefling Wild Magic sorcerer and is Chris's player-character for Jake's 3rd Campaign.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Horacer comes from a small town outside the barrier, born the only child of two tiefling warlocks of demonic patrons. At some point before the start of the campaign, his parents had released a demon that entered the Material Plane through a portal and slaughtered his now-pleading family. Horacer was the last one the demon turned its attention to, and the demon proceeded to stab him while laughing with glee, even twisting the knife in his chest. While Horacer was lying on the ground, grievously injured, residual astral energy from the portal the demon entered through seeped into his wounds and, combined with raw exposure to the Abyss, healed him and fused the tiefling with energy that manifested into his sorcerous abilities.

After this incident, Horacer developed a deep hatred of demons and turned his back on his family's evil ways. He lived a quiet but comfortable life of solitude outside the barrier.

Before the campaign Edit

At some point during Horacer's life outside of civilization, he encountered and joined the rudiments of the party, giving him a feeling of purpose that he lacked before.

Personality Edit

Horacer is chaotic good, rather than chaotic evil like both of his parents. This discrepancy is due to Horacer interpreting the incident of his family's death as an example of what happened to evil people. On the other hand, the event also led to Horacer's strong hatred for demons and personal quest to forever rid the Material Plane of any and all demonic presence and influence, despite his lack of knowledge in demonology. Horacer desires revenge on the demon in particular that killed his family.

Appearance Edit

Horacer is a tiefling with no armor.