Virgil is a kobold Bond of the Unknown Soul Binder and is Logan's player-character for Jake's 3rd Campaign. He is using a homebrewed class.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Virgil became disengaged as a bonus action from his society at a young age. He found that everyone around him, including his family and friends, or even enemies, had too positive an attitude and outlook on things despite their dark and dreary living conditions. The only thing he found fun in was playing pranks on gnomes, but even to this Virgil found unfulfilling.

Virgil soon came to realize that the one thing he enjoyed was the destruction of others. He decided to summon the ultimate destroyer Chadthulhu. Unfortunately, Chadthulu was summoned as an infant, leaving Virgil stuck to raise a baby world destroyer until his mission can be accomplished. Virgil packed up his belongings (as well as a magic cloak from the family horde).

Before the campaign Edit

Virgil has joined the party to get Chadthulhu some much-needed experience.

Personality Edit

Virgil is neutral evil. He has an indifferent attitude towards most people and manners, and contempt for anyone who shows a lot of joy in life. For whatever reason, this attitude has led to Virgil wishing to destroy the world via Chadthulhu, so much so that he is willing to raise the titan from infancy. Virgil is also prideful and sees himself as a contrarian.

Appearance Edit

Virgil is a grey-skinned kobold with red eyes. He is 2' 2", weighs 27 pounds, and wears leather armor.