Walter Greywald was an NPC in Nick's Campaign. He was a hermit who the party first encountered on their way to investigate some nearby caves to find and rescue someone. Greywald recounted seeing people dragging someone like that to said caves and led the party there. Greywald wasn't much help during the fights against the bugbear, roper, nor darkmantles; instead, he cowered in corners while the party took care of them. At one point, he was asked to stand guard while the party investigated a pool of water, but rejoined them after being spooked by something.

Accompanying the party into the Yuan-ti tunnels, he tried to help while they were attacked by a dragonborn and pureblood. During the fight, however, the pureblood saw Greywald, smiled, and muttered an incantation in Abyssal that sent Greywald into a visibly painful transformation into his actual form: that of a wererat. A now feral Greywald attacked the party and managed to bite Alirion, infecting him with some twisted version of lycanthropy. Greywald was soon restrained by Gronk and killed.

Appearance Edit

Greywald was an overweight male human with light skin, dark brown eyes, and balding grey hair. He had bits of stubble on his jaw and wore a large brown fur coat complete with and ushanka.

In wererat form, Greywald had ripped off his coat and hat. He had a long, worm-like tail protruding from his pants and long claws, complete with a twitching whiskered snout and jagged teeth.

Abilities Edit

  • Senses: Darkvision, heightened smell.
  • Resistances: Kinetic damage from non-magic and non-silvered weapons.
  • Immunities: Poison due to yuan-ti experiments.